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What a way to crush a young soul.

For years, I didn’t know what to make out of that phrase.

Words coming from the mouth of a youth music minister.

Your voice is too big. (Of course, I have an operatic vibrato and timbre- what do you expect?)

If I would have known the devil himself was at church...

The confusion that statement caused for years.

Was it wrong of me to sing with the voice I was given?

I eventually did the right thing. I left.

Next time someone ridicules your dreams, walk away immediately.

Your innate and polished capability will inevitably speak for you.

Take this advice from Yours Truly:

Fatima Morken, “The Accidental Songwriter”: Singer, Actress & Model.

You are gifted beyond your imagination.

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  • Fatima Morken

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Photo Credit: Tim Stinnett

It was a peaceful morning when I wrote this song.

You know... you wake up, you are single, you have no children... so... the time is yours.

What better thing for a songwriter like me?

You know how I make my life easier?

I do what I need to do.

I need peace? I calm down. I meditate.

How? However I can.

This song is a statement of happiness.

Of satisfaction.

You know those moments of bliss you experience?

Without punctuated reason. They just occur?

In that moment of thankfulness to everything- to everyone, to The Universe, to God- I wrote this song.

I’m not Catholic, but I have a classical music background and a deep love for church hymns.

After all, who doesn’t regard an Ave Maria with tenderness? With gentleness?

So yeah, I wrote my own Ave Maria!

To those of you who regard her as Regina Caeli, Mater Dei, I hope this song blesses you!

I hope it means so much you as it does to me.

Thank you, Mary, for your inspiration.

“AVE MARIA” Songwriter: © Fatima Morken, 2018 BMI

VERSE 1: Sometimes when things are too strong I just sit in my bed

Oh, Ave Maria To calm myself down It is not a surprise I sing an Ave Maria Sometimes when I feel just too weak I just think in my head Oh, Ave Maria To regain the strength that I’ve lost I see I need an Ave Maria

CHORUS: Ave Maria Oh, Ave Maria It calms me down when I hear your name in my midst Oh, Ave Maria

It calms me down when you hear my supplication and need Oh, Ave Maria

It soothes me when you hear the anger and shame that I have Oh, Ave Maria

VERSE 2: Sometimes when I’m scared and alone which isn’t so much I say an Ave Maria And even when my heart is with joy what choice do I have Oh, Ave Maria It’s a crazy thing that I say and I insist an Ave Maria When I can’t keep up with myself it is then when I sing an Ave Maria


VERSE 3: Ave Maria Oh, Ave Maria Ave Maria... (ad libitum)

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