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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Wardrobe: La Cotonnière

Photographer: Mariel McHugh

Well, let’s see. The thought came to me as I sang Céline Dion’s “If That’s What It Takes” in French. A totally different title in the singer‘s native tongue, by the way (“Pour Que Tu M’aimes Encore”).

“Je ne suis pas comme les autres, oh, non, non, non, ” I sang. This phrase translates to, “I am not like the others, oh, no, no, no”.

Exactly. I. Am. Not. Like. The. Others. And neither are you.

Your timing and mine aren’t identical. Your background and mine aren’t the same. Why should either one of us impose our agenda on each other?

Do I really have to live life on the fast lane?! Can I please take my time and process the beauty of progress?! Or am I not reaching the so-said milestones in life quickly enough?! Can I breathe?!

I got tired of being a workaholic all of my life. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a go-getter. I still make decisions firmly and efficiently, but I’m finally at peace embracing the idea of knowing I am slowly, but surely reaching my objectives at my own pace.

My goals. Not anyone else’s. Finally performing for me. Not the world.

I love the people who genuinely care for me, but I have gotten to the point of my life (and should have a long time ago) where I do things on my timetable. I operate as I can and am inspired to– not on orders; not to others’ expectations.

It‘s your life and mine. What will you do with yours? Are you like the others?

Do you want to be tossed back and forth and never accomplish anything?

What‘s to become of your real dreams? Not jokes or ideas– what you really want (above all things)?

If you make mistakes, recognize them, correct yourself and move on.

Move on like the wind. Be free. Be you.

You are the most important person in your life.

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  • Fatima Morken

What a way to crush a young soul.

For years, I didn’t know what to make out of that phrase.

Words coming from the mouth of a youth music minister.

Your voice is too big. (Of course, I have an operatic vibrato and timbre- what do you expect?)

If I would have known the devil himself was at church...

The confusion that statement caused for years.

Was it wrong of me to sing with the voice I was given?

I eventually did the right thing. I left.

Next time someone ridicules your dreams, walk away immediately.

Your innate and polished capability will inevitably speak for you.

Take this advice from Yours Truly:

Fatima Morken, “The Accidental Songwriter”: Singer, Actress & Model.

You are gifted beyond your imagination.

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  • Fatima Morken

Photographer: Mariel McHugh

Does this look like the face of grief? One of pain? One of sorrow?

No. I no longer grieve. I grieved long enough.

I lamented so many things and for no reason.

I was ashamed because I was taught to feel shame.

I outspokenly reject any philosophy or principality which intends to control me or harm me.

To those who were coerced by “moral” or social obligation to feel embarrassed for being human, I dedicate these thoughts of mine to you. I pray for you- for your peace. I encourage you- for your comfort. I empower you- for your success.

You always win if you arrange factors to favor your disappointing “disgraces” in life.

Did you really lose or did God make way for you to take ownership of bigger and better blessings?

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