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Photographer: © Ryan Wilcox

When I was growing up, there was a song my dad listened to all the time. Especially in the evenings. Late at night staring off into the starry sky. Contemplating his youthful memories. Remembering his own dad.

After so many times of hearing my dad play it, I eventually engraved the song on my heart.

Well, now my dad has passed away and I finally fully understand what it is like to miss a father. I am walking my very father’s shoes. I am feeling his sweet sadness.

This song which I translated poetically brought my dad to tears every time he sang it reminiscing my grandfather.

Now it’s my turn to sing it and miss him.

My father. My old man.


©: Piero de Benedictis

English Translation: Fatima Morken

Lyrics & Video in Spanish:

A good guy, my Old Man is

Alone and awaiting,

With sadness as long as

A treading distance

I observe him from a distance,

We are so different;

Born at the turn of our century

Along with trolleys and red wine

My Old Man, my Dear Old Man

Walking burdensomely;

As though you’re forgiving the wind

I'm your very blood, my Old Man

I am your silence; I am your time

Kind eyes has he

Of a sturdy shape is he;

Age has come upon him

Offering no carnival nor krewe

My years are jovial

My Old Man’s years are ancient;

Pain follows him

Like timeless history

My Old Man, My Beloved Old Man

Walking burdensomely;

As though you’re forgiving the wind

I'm your very blood, my Old Man

I am your silence; I am your time

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  • Writer's pictureFatima Morken

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Photographer: © Ryan Wilcox

My daddy died of Covid-19. While hospitalized, music was the strongest connection I had with him. After all, I am a singer-songwriter. I would sing to him every day to keep us strong as we together fought this disease. Hymns, arias, ave marias –anything I knew he loved.

His temporary separation from me has made me review the songs he sang all the time to keep his jovial spirit dancing.

During these days, I have discovered PIERO de Benedictis has recently released a new song about the hope remaining after defeating Coronavirus as a society. For me, it is a sign of God I discovered Daddy‘s favorite singer-songwriter happened to create this melody for my current circumstance. The fact he passed away from Covid and this composition being about the aforementioned topic is no coincidence.

I have translated the lyrics into English. I encourage you to read every line of this song and listen to it whether you speak Spanish or not.

It will touch your soul.

It will make you cry.

It will offer hope.


©: Piero de Benedictis (PIERO), 2020

English Translation: Fatima Morken

When the storm passes

And the roads are leveled

We will appreciate being survivors

Of a collective shipwreck

With a tearful heart

And blessed destiny

We will feel happy

Just to be alive

We will hug

The first stranger we see

We will praise Fortune

For allowing us to keep our friends

Then we will remember

All we lost

At once we will learn

Everything we didn't learn

We will no longer be envious

Since everyone will have suffered

We will no longer be indecisive

We will be more compassionate

What belongs to all will be worth far more

Than the achieved acts of one

We will be more generous

Much more committed

We will understand the fragile

What it means to be alive

We will sweat empathy

For who is here and who is gone

We will miss the old man

That begged at the market

Whose name we did not know

Although he was always by our side

Maybe that poor old man

Was God in disguise

We never asked his name

Because we were in a hurry

And everything will be a miracle

And we will be a legacy

Life will be respected

The life we have won

When the storm passes

I will ask God in shame

“Return us as a better version

As you had dreamed of us” #coronavirus #covid19 #hope #piero #singersongwriter

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  • Writer's pictureFatima Morken

Photographer: © Ryan Wilcox

In the celebration of love, I share a poem written for me by a fan.

As an artist, closely connecting with my audience through my content is the greatest achievement I can attain.

Ultimately, that is what I am seeking to accomplish.

Activating people’s minds is my target. Am I deserving of your long-term attention and affection?

If the answer is yes, well, it becomes a two-way road. With felicity I call you “mine” and you call me “yours”.

My February wish for you is for the following words to spark your most inner sentiments. All of our stories are somehow undivided. We are linked.

We are love.

My Soul on my Sleeve

Copyright: Gilbert Banuelos, 2020

I wear my soul on my sleeve for all the world to see. Full disclosure. 100% me.

No shield or armor to protect me from would be critics or their critiques, just me bold and raw standing exposed on the tallest peak.

I wear my heart on my sleeve revealing all of love’s triumphs, joys, disappointments, bumps and bruises I have felt.

My life’s two billion heart beats will experience all types of happiness, sadness, and love;

Let’s see what hand I’m ultimately dealt.

I wear my mind on my sleeve it should be plain to see...

That’s if you take the time to experience me.

You’re welcome to follow my journey and watch me become all I was meant to be.

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