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Photographer: © Ryan Wilcox

In the celebration of love, I share a poem written for me by a fan.

As an artist, closely connecting with my audience through my content is the greatest achievement I can attain.

Ultimately, that is what I am seeking to accomplish.

Activating people’s minds is my target. Am I deserving of your long-term attention and affection?

If the answer is yes, well, it becomes a two-way road. With felicity I call you “mine” and you call me “yours”.

My February wish for you is for the following words to spark your most inner sentiments. All of our stories are somehow undivided. We are linked.

We are love.

My Soul on my Sleeve

Copyright: Gilbert Banuelos, 2020

I wear my soul on my sleeve for all the world to see. Full disclosure. 100% me.

No shield or armor to protect me from would be critics or their critiques, just me bold and raw standing exposed on the tallest peak.

I wear my heart on my sleeve revealing all of love’s triumphs, joys, disappointments, bumps and bruises I have felt.

My life’s two billion heart beats will experience all types of happiness, sadness, and love;

Let’s see what hand I’m ultimately dealt.

I wear my mind on my sleeve it should be plain to see...

That’s if you take the time to experience me.

You’re welcome to follow my journey and watch me become all I was meant to be.

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