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About me


Fatima Morken has the voice of an angel, which seems to reach the heavens with every note. She sings with a charming, operatic style, and a big showstopping voice. 


Fatima is a resilient woman who defies stereotypes. She lives life with an optimistic spirit and uncommon faith. An American-born Latina, the polyglot singer-songwriter and model calls Houston, TX home. Her soul has no frontiers, though. She is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and French. Her language skills allow her to easily make connections all over the world. 

The "Accidental Songwriter" delivers an ample, full-body vocal range.


As a classically trained soprano, her voice can be enchanting and dreamy. Her airy tones emit tranquility. In a breath, she smoothly soars to a "glass-breaking" pitch with her vibrato-filled, dramatic timbre. In a beat, she unexpectedly descends to warm, deeper notes. The lower range of her voice soothes with sensual tonality. Her sweet sounds comfort with the ease of a calming lullaby.


Fatima is a versatile, vocal actress delivering refined, in-character performances. She surrenders herself to every role whether on stage or in front of a camera. 

The classical crossover singer takes ownership of the creative process for her work. Fatima models a story of classic elegance with clean lines, solid colors, and minimal accessories. She chooses outfits and poses which showcase her best features. 

Fatima is polished and confident with a history of cosmetics and fashion endorsements. The artist is careful to protect her brand defined by character, integrity and transparency. She decides what to reveal and keep to herself. 

She shares her heart in her lyrics. Her songwriting is inspired by powerful human experiences, such as love, strength, and triumph. Fatima's song "Big Dreams" is filled with hope and was written at a crossroads moment in her life. 

Fatima has a completely organic songwriting process. She is in tune with her songwriting soul. Fatima is a poetic writer, always ready to pen the next lyric. She calls her inspiration to write "a visual symphony." As she travels through life, she puts a melody to her thoughts and senses. "When I write, I am a flower blooming at the peak of its time," says Morken. 

The singer-songwriter is registered with Broadcast Music, Inc., the industry leader in broadcast rights management. Her debut single, "I Wanna Talk to My Father," is cinematic music produced by David Jooste. 

Fatima's artistic journey began in 2014 when she auditioned with Actors, Models and Talent for Christ, a faith-based talent development ministry. The SHINE Conference – and invitation-only event – gave her the platform to launch her vision. She received cross-training in music, film, fashion and dance.


Fatima wants her career in music, fashion and entertainment to empower the human race globally. She chooses partnerships carefully and collaborates with talented creatives who share her ambition.


Want to work with Fatima? Fill out our contact form and we will be in touch shortly! 

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