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It is with the heart one knows.

It is with the heart one discerns.

It is with the heart one recognizes.

It is not with the words of our mouths we earnestly touch others.

It is not with the movements of our hands we genuinely reach others.

It is the truth, simply– the way we ultimately impact everyone.

By untainted truth– in simple sincerity; peculiar purity.

Practice this every day. Show this every day. Teach this every day.

In your own way, but do this every day.

Beauty Shot: © Ryan Wilcox

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  • Writer's pictureFatima Morken

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Thus far, as a debutante singer-songwriter I have released two demos.

I am a classical crossover soprano. I have always loved that about myself. It’s vital to love one’s own defining and distinctive traits.

My background in opera music performance with a modern twist made me fall in love with the popopera genre.

I do have to admit when I began to write music, I had every intention to stick to my style.

Needless to say, since I am a polyglot, listening to music is one of the greatest ways to learn new languages. While doing that for several years, I, of course, ran into all kinds of music.

I have to admit that humbled me a lot.

I, like many musicians, believed my genre of music was the only polished way to really express optimal musicianship.

I realized I had not given enough credit to many musicians who worked in other realms.

With various types of music now between my two ears, I decided to compose and release a cinematic piece as my first single and a pop rock song as my second.

I gave the deviation a try.

Honestly, I am not that fulfilled.

I have made a full circle. It will be classical crossover/popopera material I will produce.

I love staying in my lane. It’s good to be back home.

Photographer: © Ryan Wilcox

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  • Writer's pictureFatima Morken

Photographer: © Ryan Wilcox

What comes to your mind when you miss the man or woman you love?

Do you remember the happiest of memories? Replay the sincerest of laughters? Revive the way you were touched?

I feel enamored and to me that is one of the most elegant emotions in this life.

During a moment of charm I started hearing an anthem of love and longing in my ear.

It turned out to be a tune with much attitude. It made me feel like a woman.

It gave me ownership of my interpretation towards whatever love could or could not be in that instant.

It allowed me to intimately apperceive. It gave me the freedom to let the floodgates open.

I hope these lyrics of declaration take you back to the love to which you had or have so much dedication.

After all, what are we without knowing love?


Songwriter: © Fatima Morken, 2015 BMI


Today, I went to visit

That old place

That old place

Where we used to meet

That old place

Belonging to us

It came, in a rush to me

That one phrase

That one phrase

The incomplete thought

The phrase

Meaning so much

Did it matter

That I gave you

That I gave you

The key to my heart?


If I cannot have you

I don’t want any man

If I cannot have you

I want no one else

If I cannot have you

Then I won’t even care

If I cannot have you

Then I’ll just be alone


Right now,

I have made my mind up

And what I want is

To be in love

With our memories

In love

Until I see you

I will

See you once again

Face to face

Face to face

Recognizing you

The face

I almost forgot

Was I not abandoned,



Deserted by you?



Yes, one more time is all I ask

Yes, one more time is all I need

Yes, one more time is all I ask of you


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