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Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Thus far, as a debutante singer-songwriter I have released two demos.

I am a classical crossover soprano. I have always loved that about myself. It’s vital to love one’s own defining and distinctive traits.

My background in opera music performance with a modern twist made me fall in love with the popopera genre.

I do have to admit when I began to write music, I had every intention to stick to my style.

Needless to say, since I am a polyglot, listening to music is one of the greatest ways to learn new languages. While doing that for several years, I, of course, ran into all kinds of music.

I have to admit that humbled me a lot.

I, like many musicians, believed my genre of music was the only polished way to really express optimal musicianship.

I realized I had not given enough credit to many musicians who worked in other realms.

With various types of music now between my two ears, I decided to compose and release a cinematic piece as my first single and a pop rock song as my second.

I gave the deviation a try.

Honestly, I am not that fulfilled.

I have made a full circle. It will be classical crossover/popopera material I will produce.

I love staying in my lane. It’s good to be back home.

Photographer: © Ryan Wilcox

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