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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Photo Credit: Mariel McHugh

I’m so excited to start writing this first week of September about healing. I hope my personal account will inspire you to achieve the best version of yourself.

We all experience pain and trauma in our lives. Mine began during childhood and most likely yours did as well.

Not only until I experienced the biggest embarrassment of my life, i. e. my divorce, did I really have to deal with every flaw of mine and the world around me at the deepest level.

After much turmoil from all the lies, keeping quiet, and leaving all justice in the hands of God, I finally became ready to be healed in body, mind, and spirit.

I can testify my choice to forgive was the root of God’s work in me. To finally be able to know in my heart-of-hearts I moved on was pivotal.

Serious brain damage in me began as soon as I read the lines he wrote his lover. He left his tablet at home so I had access to all the lies being said about me. It took every cell in me to not expose him.

Throughout the divorce process, he was having “the time of his life” while I was home praying to God to save my marriage. God didn’t because He gives us free will. He respects our choices even when those choices do not honor Him.

Once I heard about how reshaping the thinking of our minds restructures our brain at a molecular level to function at our fullest version of ourselves, I went off into the deep end.

I am thankful to say after months of pure and positive thoughts I am operating at the highest level of my being! Goodbye toxicity!

I have never felt so whole! I am not ashamed of showing my true colors even if those true colors are not what others wish to see.

I guard my heart as Proverbs 4:23 says. It is the wellspring of life.

I may slip and fall, but now I have more awareness. If I humble myself in my imperfect humanity, I know where to turn for my new beginning. Intentionality is the key.

With this, I leave you with my favorite quote:

“You are constantly creating matter out of mind... so you are always in a genesis moment.”—Dr. Caroline Leaf

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